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Success through the pursuit of excellence is the goal of any organization.A lot of research has been done and a number of articles, blogs and books have been published on the secrets of successful organizations.

Very often,we find that ,what is successful today,does not stand to be success another day.

Success is never an enduring phenomenon,nor is it the end of the road for a company.

We sincerly thank to great leaders like Steve Jobs,Andrew Grove,Azim Premji,Bill Gates,Larry Page,Micheal Dell,Narayana Murthy, Sergei Bin,
Shiv Nadar and a never ending list of great promoters who continue to amaze this world with their innovation and business leadership.They have provided to number of entrepreneurs across the globe to dream of success and execute their plans fearlessly and build successful organizations.

This book aims to throw light on those success factors that have led the organizations to achieve tremendous results and achieve growth and glory. We hope this book serves today's organizations,managers and entrepreneurs to shorten thier learning curve and achieve more at thier organizations.

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Lessons From The Failures That Shook The World...

TITANIC which was supposed to be an unsinkable ship,sank without a trace after hitting an iceberg in the early hours of April 15th,1912 in the North Atlantic seas.

In the recent history,we have seen a number of large companies which were successful in thier own way for a long time,suddenly losse way and disappear from the corporate landscape.While a number of factors have to fall in place together to create a successful organization,a few factors are sufficient to cause the companies to fail,just like how a few unplugged leaks caused by a rock hit could sink a huge ship if not plugged in time.

Most often, organizational failures happen when the managements are unable to forecast the changing situations that affect the forecast the changing situations that affect the fortunes of the company and take appropriate actions when it is very much in thier realms to do so.

The Flight of Ambition

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